Bay Tours: This is the tour par excellence. Get to see the unsurpassed beauty of beaches and bays, the submarine parks and the capricious rock formations that give us the Bufadero, the stone face and the Organo Bay. You get the chance to swim, snorkel and enjoy seeing the coral reefs plus music, games and seafood. Don&Mac226;t miss the bay tours on the larger boats, like the "Fiesta Huatulco" or "Tequila" boats are $200 to $250 pesos per person. They are more "touristy" party boats and sometimes crowded.

Small boat owners charge $800-1,000 pesos per day for tours of the 7 bays. You pick your schedule and activities and start and end when you want. You can fish, snorkel, spend as much time as you want on any beach that you want. After you catch fish, you can have "ceviche" made for you and/or arrange to have your fish cooked at one of the beach restaurants. (Snorkel equipment, ice chest filled with soda, beer, etc. at cost upon your request.)

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