Male Green Iguana

Huatulco is on the Pacific coast of the State of Oaxaca - a diverse geographical area with mountains ranges and hundreds of valleys. The environment of the coast is semi-arid, with a lush growth period during the seasonal rains. The nearby mountains exhibit changing vegetation as the elevation changes, becoming more tropical, and then finally Alpine at the highest levels. Then there are the many micro-climates between the coastal plain and the high mountains that offers an even greater variety of habitats for a great many species of animals and plants. The richness of the fauna and flora (terrestrial & marine) can be appreciated by anyone taking the time to explore the lagoons, bays, mountains, and valleys. As we collect local photos of interesting native species they will be added to this website. So enjoy!

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A curious baby iguana on the terrace

The Half Moon Parakeet, a common sight - in the wild (large flocks) and in homes (as pets)

The Hawksbill Turtle is sought after for his decorative shell - protected in most countries

An effort to protect a sea turtle nest until the hatch

These guys lived at this spot first - so the Hotel built around this Spiny Tail Iguana burrow. This species of Iguana is not as docile as the Green Iguana and can deliver a nasty bite!