Zaashila - Chez Binni - Elegant presentation of food, best service, best ambiance and priced accordingly. We also like the Beach Club and La Bella Grill at Zaashila for more casual meals during the day.

Oasis Cafe - Located next to bakery in La Crucecita. Same menu as other Oasis on town square, plus new items cooked on outdoor grill. Good food, service, reasonably priced.

Mambo Cafe- "Flavors of the World" (Sabores del Mundo) International Cuisine located at Calle. Zapoteco, Chahue. Owner of the inn is the experienced chef from France. Great food, clean, moderate prices, nice ambiance, artistic decor. Closed Monday. Info 9 58 72480.

Tentacion- Across from Oasis, good food, service and price. (No credit cards accepted.)

Santa Clara Restaurant- for breakfast or lunch-closes at 7 p.m.

Mision Fa-Sol (Walking distance of Zaashila) Excellent food and service. Air conditioned. Higher priced.

Santa Cruz Bay - Many beach seafood restaurants. We haven't found a favorite or bad one yet. They all have similar menus and prices and fresh seafood. Pick one you like.

El Sabor de Oaxaca at the Las Palmas Hotel (across from the Market). Higher priced, clean and good food. Waiters speak English. There are many selections on the menu.

"Bargain lunch, try the Comida Corrida at El Sabor de Oaxaca or Hotel Grifer. Usually served from 1 to 3 p.m. For $3 to $5 you get soup of the day, rice, choice one of two entrees, and the fruit water of the day."

The Barcelo Hotel has an Mexican Night-Buffet and folk Loric Show and a Buffet and Show called LLuvia de Las Estrellas (Parade of Stars Impersonations of Celebrities) and a Tropical Caribbean Buffet and Show. (We paid 200 pesos per person which included the buffet and national drinks, soft drinks, tax and tip.) We thought it was an excellent value! For schedule Barcelo at 9-58-10055.

FOOD & WATER PURITY: Tourists in Huatulco seldom have problems with Montezuma's Revenge, so often experienced in other areas of Mexico. Nevertheless it's best to be careful. Drink, cook and brush teeth with the bottled water. Soak lettuce and similar vegetables and fruits in dish pan located under sink using Sun Smile Fruit & Vegetable Rinse or Clorox Bleach. These items can be found under the sink. Read directions on bottle for correct proportions.