Airport Arrival: when you land at Huatulco International Airport, you will be 20 minutes, (12 miles) from your suite / condo at the Zaashila Hotel Resort. Baggage handlers will approach as you leave the security area of the airport. You may need your baggage claim tickets in order to leave security area.

Ground Transportation - you have two choices: 1) you may buy a ticket at the taxi stand at $94.00 pesos per person and you will share the taxi with other travelers going to the hotel zone, which is on Tangolunda Bay, or 2) you may buy a ticket at the ticket stand for $450 pesos to take your own private van to the hotel. Please remember the baggage handlers at the airport work for tips.

Getting Around: Taxi fare to La Crucecita or Santa Cruz is about 20-25 pesos from the Zaashila Hotel Resort. Bus fare to La Crucecita or Santa Cruz is about 2 pesos. You can walk on the new sidewalks to the towns - about 70 minutes by foot. Bicycles, motor bikes, autos and dune buggies are available for rent within a 5-10 minute walk from the condo and they are also available in La Crucecita too.

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